Where The Wild Things Are

This is a working document, illustrating the “characters” that I’m currently developing to polish an architecture. These characters range from a sacrificial chicken, to a paper vessel, and to my brother’s pet turtle when I was 8…I plan to add and subtract characters as the work progresses. These characters stems from my interests in uncovering latent mixed realities, moving between the personal and the collective, and nesting within  spirit and artificial ecology, memory, mythology, and interactive technology. I hope to test these characters on the Menomonee River in Wisconsin, which is a few blocks from where I grew up and next to the Miller Brewery  (now MillerCoors).


visual inspiration

Recently, I have found myself looking for visual inspiration. I look for methods of working that I can co-opt to help further or at least compliment my own work. In my wanderings, I have stumbled across this blog, among others:


(view away.)

where do you look for inspiration?


Netscapes: Nomadic Journeys

Shaky Vinyl

experiments in vinyl, no 3

Experiments in vinyl are not over yet, just being re-directed. I’m moving towards drawing a card-counting event and designing a digitized display of black-market handbags.

Agency and Theatricality

Joshua Prince-Ramus at TED Talks regarding design process at Wyly Theater Dallas.


knitting lampshades

here are some links to images of those lampshades i was talking about last week (in the discussion of TL’s writing machine). these are the lamps that knit their own shades.  the writing is on her website is a little corny but the images are pretty great:



nostalgia and mid-century modernist consumerism

On the subjects of consumerism, nostalgia, videos/splinters, and mid-century furniture; check out this series of classic adverts from michigan-based furniture manufacturer Herman Miller.

(thanks to swissmiss via grassrootsmodern)