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visual inspiration

Recently, I have found myself looking for visual inspiration. I look for methods of working that I can co-opt to help further or at least compliment my own work. In my wanderings, I have stumbled across this blog, among others:

(view away.)

where do you look for inspiration?


Agency and Theatricality

Joshua Prince-Ramus at TED Talks regarding design process at Wyly Theater Dallas.


nostalgia and mid-century modernist consumerism

On the subjects of consumerism, nostalgia, videos/splinters, and mid-century furniture; check out this series of classic adverts from michigan-based furniture manufacturer Herman Miller.

(thanks to swissmiss via grassrootsmodern)

actor/network narratives

A relevant representational approach to mythological actor/network architectures:

Lebbeus Woods: Underground Berlin – the film treatment.

Perhaps this arrangement of image and narrative can help to inform a ludic array. In general, Woods’ digital work is well assembled and worth a look. I encourage all to keep up with his blog here.