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knitting lampshades

here are some links to images of those lampshades i was talking about last week (in the discussion of TL’s writing machine). these are the lamps that knit their own shades.  the writing is on her website is a little corny but the images are pretty great:


nostalgia and mid-century modernist consumerism

On the subjects of consumerism, nostalgia, videos/splinters, and mid-century furniture; check out this series of classic adverts from michigan-based furniture manufacturer Herman Miller.

(thanks to swissmiss via grassrootsmodern)

actor/network narratives

A relevant representational approach to mythological actor/network architectures:

Lebbeus Woods: Underground Berlin – the film treatment.

Perhaps this arrangement of image and narrative can help to inform a ludic array. In general, Woods’ digital work is well assembled and worth a look. I encourage all to keep up with his blog here.

Euphoric Splinters!

Coming to YouTube very soon!








Synesthesia by Terri Timely

Synesthesia from joseyyo on Vimeo.

Rich short film. Another take on the video.

by Terri Timely

we reside in euphoria.

we reside in euphoria.