thought this might be of interest to those of you dealing in open source, multiple authorship and/or issues of copying:

mixing found clips to create new content…


the Sixth Sense by Pattie Maes

Pattie Maes of MIT talks about the new “sixth sense” technology at TED.

it seems the new era of intuitive interactive interfaces is here!


For all of your annotated bibliography needs. … a firefox plugin slash word outputter.

I’m envisioning a world where they are all online so we can swap references.

Attn: Hackers and makers

AHA meetup
7:22 PM
525 E. Liberty

come meet one of the most energetic people I have ever seen

actor/network narratives

A relevant representational approach to mythological actor/network architectures:

Lebbeus Woods: Underground Berlin – the film treatment.

Perhaps this arrangement of image and narrative can help to inform a ludic array.┬áIn general, Woods’ digital work is well assembled and worth a look. I encourage all to keep up with his blog here.

Open materials?

Video from Kirsty Boyle and Catarina Mota ( on the movement of open source technology from software to hardware to material. Trying to have a discussion about material patents. Smart mob reference. “Materials are dangerous”

Euphoric Splinters!

Coming to YouTube very soon!